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News 2023-03-15: Congratulation to Dr. Huaijun Zhou for The National Academy of Sciences Prize

Dr. Huaijun Zhou has been awarded the 2023 National Academy of Sciences (NAS) Prize  in Food and Agriculture Science http://www.nasonline.org/programs/awards/2023-awards/Zhou.html

Dr. Zhou’s research approaches to genetics innovation in poultry, and his contribution to global food security are outstanding. Dr. Zhou and the Genomics to Improve the Poultry (GIP) team developed a genetic selection platform to tackle the Newcastle disease virus (NDV) and climate challenges in indigenous chickens in Tanzania and Ghana to enhance resistance to the virus. The key goal of the GIP’s program is to distribute this new line of chicken with enhanced ND resistance to household and smallholder farmers in Africa to decrease mortality and positively impact poultry production in Africa. Please join the GIP team in congratulating Dr. Zhou on achieving this level of recognition and trust within the science community.