News 2018-08-29: 6th Annual Meeting of the GIP Innovation Lab at University of Ghana

An annual meeting was held on August, 2018 at University of Ghana
Genomics to Improve Poultry Innovation Lab Strengthens Partnerships with Stakeholders to Ensure Innovations Effectively Reach Smallholder Producers

The GIP Innovation Lab is collaborating with a network of stakeholders in Tanzania and Ghana who are working together toward the goal of attaining healthy, productive poultry populations. On August 29th 2018, the GIP Innovation Lab held a stakeholder workshop in Ghana to further engage participants in the program’s activities to date and seek input on strategies for ensuring that smallholder farmers benefit from chickens with enhanced Newcastle disease virus (NDV) resistance.  In addition to discussions on the application of genetic/genomic approaches to NDV resistance, stakeholders delivered presentations on the poultry value chain in Ghana, the importance of local chicken ecotypes for small-scale production, and NDV prevention and control strategies. The event was well attended with participation from a number of different stakeholder groups from the private and public sectors, including the Ghana National Association of Poultry Farmers and Peasant Farmers Association, USDA Ghana Poultry Project, USDA Amplifies Ghana, Centre for Indigenous Knowledge for Organizational Development, Animal Production and Veterinary Services Directorates from the Ministry of Food and Agriculture, Heifer International, and the Animal Research Institute. The workshop provided a valuable networking opportunity and occasion to share information on how public and private organizations can work together to improve production for smallholder producers in Ghana.