RAC Annual Meeting
Research Advisory Committee Annual Meeting

Event 2022-03-07: The Annual Research Advisory Committee Meeting 2022

The meeting started with a brief reminder of the program's overall goal and objectives of phase II (2018-2023): the capacity strengthening plan and the program's discovery, development, and implementation phases presented by the GIP director Dr. Huaijun Zhou. The presentation included an overview of the program’s mission and objectives to improve resistance to Newcastle disease to increase productivity in local African chickens, highlighting the program achievements and the plans for next year. The meeting was strengthened with Research Advisory Committee and USAID members’ expertise in evaluating and providing input on the program’s progress and future plans.

The GIP team greatly appreciates the Research Advisory Committee members and USAID members for the invaluable input on the program's progress and for their support and dedication. We are looking forward to another successful and productive year.