Fourth Annual Team Research Meeting

News 2016-09-26: Fourth Annual Team Research Meeting

The research team members for the “Genomics to Improve Poultry” project traveled to and held their 4th Annual Meeting in Accra, Ghana at the University of Ghana, the last week of September 2016.

For the annual meeting, the research teams discussed research progress and challenges; data organization, analysis, and management; graduate student and post-doc training; manuscripts that will stem from this research; plans for the upcoming year; and long-term goals of the program. The team also had the opportunity to meet with Samson Konlan from the Ghana USAID Mission to brief him on the project. Mr. Konlan also participated in the afternoon sessions on the first day of the annual meeting. Huaijun Zhou and Terra Kelly also met with the University of Ghana team and visited the laboratories and natural exposure trial facilities to plan upcoming research.


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