Nane Nane Farmers’ show
Involvement of the local primary school teacher who had received training by the Tanzania by sharing knowledge and skills on village poultry production with farmers

Events 2018-08-01: Engages Communities through Celebration at the Nane Nane Farmers’ show Morogoro in Tanzania

The GIP Innovation Lab’s focus on community education and outreach, team members in Tanzania participated in the Nane Nane Farmers’ show Morogoro from August 1st-10th, 2018. The team had a booth with experiential learning tools, including live indigenous chickens, a model chicken house for the village setting, posters and small brochures to assist farmers with take home messages. Outreach to smallholder farmers participating in the event included best practices for poultry breeding, egg production and incubation, poultry husbandry and care, and disease prevention and control, including vaccination, biosecurity, and sanitation.

Nane Nane Farmer's show Morogoro in Tanzania
A local newspaper, Nipashe, featured the GIP Innovation Lab booth, and two PhD students, James Mushi and Gaspar Honorati, delivered an hour- long public radio broadcast to extend the community outreach to additional audiences. 


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