Victor Olori

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Dr. Victor Olori

Victor Olori, Ph.D  

Dr. Victor Olori is a Senior Geneticist at Aviagen Limited, UK. He received a PhD in Animal Breeding and Genetics from Edinburgh University, Scotland, UK in 1998. He started his career in the academia (Nigeria, UK and Ireland), he then joined Livestock industry on genetic improvement of various livestock species such as Sheep (1997 to 1999), Cattle (1999-2005) with the Irish Cattle Breeding Federation and Irish Draught Horse conservation. He is currently a Senior Geneticist at Aviagen Limited, managing Aviagen’s global genetic evaluations for both chicken and turkey breeding programs. Dr. Olori has strong experience overseeing genetic evaluation of several chicken and Turkey pure lines located in 6 breeding programs in Middle East and African regions. His focus is on sustainable balanced genetic improvement to increase efficiency of poultry production with a special interest in improvement of breeder performance of which fertility and hatchability are major components. Dr. Olori maintains a keen interest in small-scale family poultry production in Africa with experience in establishment of captive populations of indigenous chickens. He is currently a member of the technical advisory Group (TAG) of the Irish Cattle Breeding Federation.