Patti Miller

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Dr. Patti Miller

Patti Miller, DVM, PhD  

Dr. Patti Miller received her DVM and PhD in Infectious Diseases from the University of Georgia.  Her PhD dissertation was entitled, “Development of novel Newcastle disease virus vaccines in poultry to decrease viral shed in vaccinates ,” and was completed under the guidance of Drs. Jack King and David Suarez. She was a Research Veterinary Medical Officer in the Exotic and Emerging Avian Viral Diseases Research Unit at the Southeast Poultry Research Laboratory in the United States Department of Agriculture for 9 years.  Doctor Miller has published over 65 manuscripts and book chapters, and has presented over 100 abstracts in the area of Newcastle disease, Newcastle disease vaccination and epidemiology.  She is the senior co-author for the Newcastle disease chapter for the 13th and 14th editions of Diseases of Poultry.   She has given guest lectures at the University of Georgia in Avian Virology and Avian Immunology courses.  She is currently a part-time Assistant Professor in the Department of Population Health in the College of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Georgia assisting with the Master of Avian Health and Medicine program.