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DavidBunn  David Bunn, PhD College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences, UC Davis

David Bunn, PhD -- Dr. Bunn has managed programs and projects in the private and public sectors, at the state and international level. While based at the One Health Institute in the School of Veterinary Medicine he has managed international research, extension and capacity building projects in Sub-Saharan Africa and Nepal during the last five years. He co-developed and managed the Global Livestock CRSP- and USAID- sponsored Avian Flu School Program (AFS), 2006-2009. AFS conducted training and capacity building activities in eight African countries for personnel from twenty countries. He co-designed and managed the GLCRSP Poultry Health for Development Project (PHD) coordinating the research and training team, involving scientists and ministry extension staff and veterinarians from seven countries in East and West Africa. As part of the poultry health project he coordinated village-level intervention strategy research in Tanzania and training activities in Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda and Ghana. As part of the AFS & PHD programs, Dr. Bunn managed 14 avian flu and poultry health workshops for veterinarians and agricultural extension staff, public health staff, district-level officials, and village communities in Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, Ethiopia, Djibouti, Ghana, Senegal, and Benin. Since 2010, Dr. Bunn has also served as Training Coordinator for the USAID PREDICT Program that is conducting zoonotic pathogen surveillance among wildlife populations in 20 countries in Africa, Asia and Latin America.